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Crossfield Sunglasses

With their iconic styling these aviator sunglasses are sure to make a statement wherever you go! Crafted with cupronickel and pc. UV 400, includes black microfibre pouch. 14 ( l ) x 5.4 ( h )

Patriot Sunglasses

Show your patriotism in these South African flag wayfarer sunglasses. 14.5cm (l) x 4.8cm (h) UV400 protection

Frenzy Sunglasses

These wayfarer sunglasses are the perfect summer fashion accessory, providing stylish protection for your eyes. 14.5cm ( l ) x 5.3cm ( h ) PP

Sunnyvale Sunglasses

These classic wayfarer sunglasses with contrasting arms provide stylish protection for your eyes. 14.5cm ( l ) x 4.9cm ( h ) PC

Waikiki Sunglasses

A must-have for bright, sunny days, these funky wayfarer sunglasses with iridescent lenses provide protection for your eyes. 15cm ( l ) x 4.5cm ( h ) PC

Malibu Sunglasses

These cool and classic wayfarer sunglasses provide stylish protection for your eyes. These sunglasses come with their soft case to keep them safe too. 15cm ( l ) x 4.8cm ( h ) PC